Which of the specialty areas do you think you would most like to work in? Why?

marofthejt9089 marofthejt9089    3   14.02.2022 04:00    8

soccer816 soccer816  14.02.2022 04:00

Well i believe it depends on the person you are because then what ever specialty you enter you reward full and enjoyable e.g

If your a caring or find happiness in helping others then you can enter specialties around it and not be disappointed in tour choices

Also I would like to add if you do regret your choice then you can switch careers if you really think that work suits you more. I have a friend who used to be an head engineer for a car dealer ship but ended up switching careers at 37 years old. So don't think that you entering a certain specialty mean you can never switch careers.

I whole heartedly wish you the best in what job you enter.