Write a letter to your friend telling him/her where you went last Sunday by using the ideas given below. →where you went last Sunday
→where it is situated
→with whom and how you visited there
→what you saw and did there
→anything else you wish to say

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j015 j015  14.02.2022 02:30

Dear john,

its been a while since we haven't met.I hope you and your family are doing well.I miss you alot and i wish to see you soon.Im writing this letter to tell you where i went last Sunday cause we'd always go somewhere every sunday when you were here so, i thought I'd share with you where i went.

I went to fun park where i played different kinds of games. I experienced what its like to get on a roller coaster. I swear to god im not gonna have its ride again. The fun park was located nearby my city. I wasn't alone.My cousin and i went together by my dads new car.I saw some amazing rides and we also ate some delectable food. It was a very nice experience.

I wont forget that day ever. I balled alot and i wish you were there , it would be cheery on top.i guess i have to end my writing here. I hope you got the clarity of this letter .

your friend,

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