Read this exchange between Nnaemeka and his father from the short story "Marriage is a Private Affair" (Part Two). "Look here, my son," interrupted his father, "nothing is different. What one looks for in a wife are a good character and a Christian background"
Nnaemeka saw there was no hope along the present line of argument.
"Moreover," he said, "I am engaged to marry another girl who has all of Ugoye's good qualities, and who
His father did not believe his ears. "What did you say?" he asked slowly and disconcertingly
"She is a good Christian," his son went on, and a teacher in a girls' school in Lagos."
What is Nnaemeka's purpose when he describes his fiancée as a "good Christian" and a teacher in a girls' school"?
He is trying to discredit the ideas his father taught him about marriage.
He is trying to prove to his father that his choice of wife is acceptable.
He is trying to convince his father that he can marry whomever he wants.
He is trying to get sympathy from his father so he will accept his decision

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