How does the UAE get creative to cause rainfall in the UAE? urgently

emilypzamora11 emilypzamora11    2   14.02.2022 05:50    3

rosehayden21 rosehayden21  14.02.2022 05:50

In the UAE, cloud seeding first began in 2010 as a project by weather authorities to create artificial rain. The project, which began in July 2010 and cost US$11 million, has been successful in creating rainstorms in the Dubai and Abu Dhabi deserts.

tishfaco5000 tishfaco5000  14.02.2022 05:50

its cloud seeding

Explanation: Uae sources the chemicals to make cloud seeding. They use a plane to fly up in the sky and plant the seed in the sky. They soon form into clouds and get heavy with water molecules and it will rain down to the ground. (by the way im a middle schooler, so lol)