Omar is in charge of planning a reception for 1800 people. He is trying to decide which snacks to buy. He has asked a random sample of people who are coming to the reception what their favorite snack is. Here are the results Favorite Snack Number of People
Potato chips 28
Pretzels 36
Cookies 48
Other 63

Based on the above sample, predict the number of the people at the reception whose favorite snack will be potato chips. Round your answer to the nearest whole number. Do not round any intermediate calculations

hauku11 hauku11    2   14.02.2022 04:10    9

mary9776 mary9776  14.02.2022 04:10

ok so first we have to find out what the sample size is so


then lets find what percentage 28 is of 172


so ten lets find out how many that is out of the 1800


293 people will like potato chips

Hope This Helps!!!