There is an interrelationship between four variables. There is a growth forest that has mice, owls and humans. The humans clear the forest for living area and decrease the amount of forest for the animals. When that occurs the mice need space and go into the building the humans built. On the mice is a flea that will cause a deadly virus to the humans. If the population of mice is kept below a certain level no person will get sick (because the mice will live in the forest) but if it goes above a level then people will get ill. The owls are unaffected by the flea. There are 620 acres of forest. Here are the variables: I=number of cases of illness among the villagers

M=Mouse population

OP=owl population

A=Acres of trees remaining




Someone please help me out!
Find the following:

What are the domain and range for each variable?
What is the maximum number of owls that can survive in the forest?
What is the maximum number of individuals that can become ill?
What does this tell us about the environment
No variable can be less than zero. If you calculated something less than zero assume it is zero.

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