SCENARIO BASED ASSIGNMENT: ON THE SCOPE OF LIBERAL UNIVERSITY VALUES It was Martha Nussbaum's position in Cultivating Humanity: A Classical Defense of Reform in Liberal Education', (1998), that "When we ask about the relationship of a liberal education to citizenship, we are drawing on Socrates' concept of the examined life,' on Aristotle's notions of reflective citizenship, and above all on liberating the mind from bondage of habit and custom, producing people who can function with sensitivity and alertness as citizens of the whole world.".

In this context, critically respond to the following questions:

(a) Citizenship without a dynamic process of democratic socialization, would only create the right conditions for oppression and suppression in private and in public life. Discuss

(b) To what extent can you be satisfied that the mission of the Social Science education empowered you to be a protector of society against illiberal characteristics?

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